Surrounding Area

Cerro Coyote offers travelers an acclaimed eco-villa amidst a 70-acre nature preserve providing lush green tropical forest trails and stunning Pacific Ocean views. This is a perfect spot for honeymoons, romantic getaways, or simple relaxation just 60 kilometres from the San Jose airport & on the way to Arenal/La Fortuna as well as many Pacific beaches.

Cerro Coyote provides for a great location to get to know the authentic Costa Rica, in comfort but without pretension, and as a true escape from the madding crowds of modern life and enjoy the vacation in a eco friendly atmosphere. The 70-acre Coyote preserve is a major water resource for the area, and reforestation programs are helping to protect this resource. The property has more than 12 freshwater springs and includes a swimming pond (The Grotto) fed by a stream.

Cost Rica offers a tremendous variety of landscapes and natural wonders, as well as interesting cities and towns. Many North Americans and Europeans call it home, scattered across the countryside in houses and developments. The dry season is almost invariably sunny and warm (or hot if you are by the sea). Costa Rica is among the most developed countries in Latin America, and looks nothing like Canada in winter. This democratic country has universal health care and education, and no standing army. Its well-educated people are family-centred, warm and friendly, of Spanish, Italian and French backgrounds.

The west coast beach resorts of Costa Rica are almost 4 hours northwest by car. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is about 25 kilometres north as the bird flies – and about 90 minutes away by car.